RX-HDX Thin Client Quick Reference Guide

Thank you for your interest in Citrix Ready workspace hub by NComputing (RX-HDX).

The RX-HDX device is a secure, powerful and low cost enterprise thin client & IoT hub that transforms the workplace.

To help you get started, we have provided several useful links for your quick references:

IMPORTANT NOTE: Before you power on the RX-HDX thin client, please make sure the device is connected to a display monitor first.


RX-HDX Overview:

Basic RX-HDX topics:

Advanced topics :

(Optional) – RX-HDX comes with integrated NoTouch Center device management solution. If you plan to evaluate NoTouch Center, you can follow below instructions to download and install NoTouch Center:

  • Install NComputing Virtual Appliance (OVA file) with embedded NoTouch Center (version 4.2.606):
  • Update NoTouch Center (version 4.2.606) in existing NComputing Virtual Appliance
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