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NoTouch supports video playback through the GStreamer framework. Our applications, such as the Citrix Receiver, the VMware Horizon View client, Firefox and others make use of GStreamer to locally decode and playback video.

To test the local video playback with a set of test videos, please log in to the local configuration and select the "Play test video" menu item:


Then, a set of videos will be played, along an OSD-like announcement what test is currently conducted:


There are two important components that need to be looked at:

  • Codecs. Video comes in various formats and compression technologies. Some codecs are free, others are not. For serious multimedia playback you will most probably want to get the Fluendo add-on for NoTouch. Fluendo makes use of hardware optimizations, one of many advantages.
  • Display. When a video frame has been decoded, it needs to be drawn on screen. While this can be done in a pixel-by-pixel manner, there are multiple hardware optimizations available as well.

In general, the "X sink" refers to pure software playback, whereas the "XV sink" makes use of hardware- and driver-specific optimizations.