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NComputing Virtual Appliance includes a so-called "reverse proxy" that will forward all NoTouch-Center-URLs (/easyadmin/*) to NoTouch Center. That sounds trivial but please keep in mind that NoTouch Center is a separate application and distinct from the Apache web server that runs the Virtual Appliance web console.

Historically, NoTouch Center, being a standalone application used its own ports, 8080 and 8443. Now, with the reverse proxy, it can use 80 and 443 without any extra configuration. At least ncomputingva 1.0-65 and NoTouch Center or later are necessary for this to work.


Internally NoTouch Center still runs on 8080 and 8443 and we ask you to not change that. You should rather use the Firewall configuration (VA) to cut access to 8080 and 8443 from outside. Actually, new VAs from 20140912 onwards will have this restrictive setting by default.

Thus, there should be no need for you to change the NoTouch Center port numbers unless you really want it to run on your own non-standard port. In that case, please be aware that this is possible but unsupported, and read on here: Change port number

The benefits of all that are:

  • Externally the port numbers 8080 and 8443 are not necessary any more
    • Less firewall configuration, less thinking about one more port
  • "Hiding" NoTouch Center behind Apache means one service less visible on the Virtual Appliance.
  • Easy-to-use access control via Firewall configuration (VA)
  • No more need to change port numbers on your own (unless you really want to use a strange port number - most people simply wanted it to run on 443)

With the Firewall configuration (VA) you can also easily cut off unencrypted traffic altogether. Simply block port 80.

Note: The reverse proxy is available from NComputing VA software version 1.0-65 or build 20140912 and NoTouch Center or higher. If you use NComputing VA with reverse proxy capability together with an old NoTouch Center without reverse proxy capability, you can not use this functionality. If you try to connect to http://my-va/easyadmin or its HTTPS equivalent (such as the link under "Management"), style sheets may be messed up and you might be redirected to localhost-links. It is ok to use such a combination if you connect directly to http://my-va:8080/easyadmin or https://my-va:8443/easyadmin