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The NumLock mode governs if the keypad on the right on full-size PC keyboards sends numeric keys or instead various curser movements. A light (LED) shows the status of NumLock and the NumLock key changes the status. Most PC BIOS variants allow to specify if the system should be booted with active NumLock or not.

Switching NumLock on at boot time

If you can not or do not want to switch NumLock on in the BIOS, you can do so in NoTouch. Among the "Input parameters" in the Keyboard subsection is the parameter "NumLock at boot time". Setting this on, will automatically activate NumLock during system boot (In NoTouch Center, this parameter is under Desktop Settings -> X11).

However, this may not be what you need. Imagine one user switching it off after logging out, the next user, unaware, angry about NumLock not being set. Thus, you may also set NumLock to be activated during system boot.

Switch NumLock on at connection start

We advise people to use the connection parameter "Set NumLock". You find it among the "Extended" parameters (simply scroll down in NoTouch Center). The reason is that it provides a more consistent experience for end users - consider the case that NumLock is simply set at boot time, somebody switches it off, and walks away, leaving the terminal for the next user to log in, now without NumLock!

For older NoTouch versions that do not have this parameter, use the following command as "Command at new session" for the connection (works with "off" too of course):

    numlockx on