NoTouch Center EX400 Client list for device registration

Congratulations on your purchase of NComputing's EX400 thin client!

There are several benefits to register your EX400 devices with NComputing Management Portal:

  1. Activates the 1-year bundled software maintenance subscription to enable access to EX400 firmware and NoTouch Center software updates.
  2. Extends the default EX400 hardware warranty from 1-year from date of manufacture to 1-year from the date of first use.

This article describes how to register your EX400 client devices with the NComputing Management Portal.

Register your EX400 thin client device

You must first connect your EX400 thin client device to the NComputing NoTouch Center. The NoTouch Center keeps track of the EX400 thin client device serial numbers to facilitate the registration process.

After connecting your EX400 thin client device to NComputing NoTouch Center you must then download a copy of the client list XML file:

  1. Login to NoTouch Center
  2. Click on "Service center"
  3. Click on "Support"
  4. Click on "Client list" to download the ClientList zip file
  5. Unzip the ClientList zip file to extract the client list XML file. example: ClientList-20171012-231111.xml

Export client list.png

The next step is to upload the client list XML file to the NComputing Management Portal.
Open a browser to and log in. Create a new account if necessary.

After logging in to the website, you can find the "management portal" button on the top of the NComputing home page.
NComputing ManagementPortal.JPG

Access the NComputing Management Portal by Clicking the "management portal" button and select "My RX-HDX / EX400 Deployment".
NComputing ManagementPortal MainPage2.jpg

Click on "UPLOAD RX-HDX / EX400" and then you can upload your client list XML file.
NComputing Management Portal MY RX-HDX Deployment.jpg