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NoTouch Center is highly configurable. You may already know the NoTouch Center Settings containing so many options - pretty much all of them are essentially "properties", i.e. configuration values.

Note: This is about configuring NoTouch Center only. It has nothing to do with the endpoints/clients!

All system properties are stored in the file. You find that file in the etc subdirectory of NoTouch Center's installation directory:

  • On Windows, the full path to the file is
  C:\Program Files\NComputing\NoTouch Center\lmc\etc\

The file is a plain text file. Use any text editor like Notepad (Windows), vi or nano (Linux) to edit this file. Do NOT use Microsoft Word or generally speaking a word processor. Edit the file only when NoTouch Center is stopped. Otherwise your changes will be overwritten by NoTouch Center when you restart it.

Before making any changes we advise to create a copy of this file. In case your edit makes things worse, you can easily revert to the last state.

Editing the file on Windows systems

  1. Log in to the Windows system using Remote Desktop or any third party tool
  2. Stop NoTouch Center. Any of these methods will do:
    • Go to the "Services" overview and stop the "NoTouch Center" service, OR,
    • Execute the "Stop NoTouch Center" link in the "NoTouch Center"->"NoTouch Center Control" start menu group as Administrator, OR,
    • Type in a command shell:
      • net stop "NoTouch Center"
  3. Navigate to the installation folder with Explorer
  4. Create a copy of the file, e.g.
  5. Open the file with Notepad
  6. Edit and save
  7. Restart NoTouch Center
  8. Examine the logs, e.g. log/center.log

Editing the file on a NComputing Virtual Appliance

  1. Log in to the NComputing Virtual Appliance using SSH login
  2. Gain root privileges with the following command and entering your password again:
    • sudo su
  3. Stop NoTouch Center. Any of these methods will do:
    • In the web frontend, go to "Management" and click on the "Stop" link
    • OR, since you are already logged in - type in a command shell:
      • stop center
  4. Create a backup copy of the file:
    • cp /opt/center/etc/ /opt/center/etc/
  5. Use nano [1][2] or vi [3][4] to edit the file:
    • nano /opt/center/etc/
    • or
    • vi /opt/center/etc/
  6. Edit and save
    • Use Ctrl-X in nano, ESC :wq in vi
  7. Start NoTouch Center
    • start center
  8. Examine the logs
    • tail -f /var/log/center.log
  9. When done examining, press Ctrl-C. This will only stop the "tail" command looking at the log file, not NoTouch Center.