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The client admin password protects an the local administration area of the endpoint.

(If you still remember that NoTouch Center had a default "admin" password, that is history. If your NTC is still doing that, we strongly suggest you update immediately that is really old).

  • If using the system without NoTouch Center, the First Time Wizard on the client will ask you for your desired client password.
  • NoTouch Center will generate a random unguessable password automatically. In order to access clients you must follow instructions below #Change in NoTouch Center

NOTE: If you use NoTouch Center and do not set your password as outlined below you will not be able to access your endpoints directly. (On the other hand, if using NoTouch Center, there is not much reason to do so).

Change it locally

  1. Enter the local configuration area
  2. Click on "General" ("Management" section)
  3. Look for the parameter called "Administrator password" and type in your desired password
  4. Click on "Change"
  5. On the top left corner click on the green icon below "Save changes"
  6. Reboot the client

Change in NoTouch Center

  1. Log in to NoTouch Center
  2. Click on a group's "Group settings" or on a client.
  3. Select the General parameters
  4. Look for the parameter called "Administrator Password" and type in your desired password
  5. Click on "Execute" next to the Save box.
  6. Make sure the client(s) announce and reboot.


Make sure you chose a password that is not used somewhere else and change passwords on a regular basis.

This password is not equivalent to the NoTouch Center web application password. It is used exclusively for the client's administration area and it becomes the Linux password for the "root" user.