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This guide describes how to add server connections for accessing e.g. terminal servers to a group or client and distributing them to clients and subgroups. We assume that you have logged in to NoTouch Center and a browser window with NoTouch Center on the monitor in front of you.

First of all, click on "Manage" in the main menu, then select (in the tree view on the left) the group or client to want the connection to add to. In case of selecting a group, click on "Base settings", since these represent the configuration of the group.


Now click on "Create Connection". A dialog window appears, asking for the name of the connection. This is the name your users will see and use to identify the connection, so chose a descriptive name.


Now configure your connection. Most important is the parameter "Connection Mode". It defines which program, which protocol is to be used. In other words, it selects the program the client should use to connect to the server. Almost equally important is the parameter "server/application", the value that defines where the client should connect to. Its meaning is dependent on the session type, usually it is a host name or IP address, or name of a published application.

See here for information about all these parameters: Connection

When done, click on "Execute" below to save the session.


Great! Upon next Announce the clients will receive the new connection.