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NoTouch allows doing a specific action after a user session exits. For example, you can have the session restart immediately, or reboot or power-down the machine. You find the "Action after exit" parameter in the Connection options. This allows you control the behavior of NoTouch in the moment the connection application (such as the Citrix client, the web browser, the VMware Horizon View client) exits.

Possible settings are:

  • "reconnect", which means automatically restart the connection, presenting the login prompt again, waiting for the next user to type in any credentials
  • "none", the default value, which means "do nothing". The end user can use desktop icons, the taskbar/start menu if configured a chooser window, or a hotkey to start another connection
  • "reboot" to reboot the device
  • "power off" to shut down the device.

Together with connection autostart, this setting can be used to create fully-automated kiosk-type workstations, making it very easy for end users to just see a login prompt, directly after boot, and then again after the connection has been terminated.

On the other hand, the "power off" setting is good for the situation when users should have more incentive to conserve energy and shut down their workstation after a workday.